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Reach the full potential of virtual congresses and conferences with a complex platform developed based on our time-tested Onsite Content Delivery System. gCon delivers convenience to speakers and users in large numbers, provides opportunities to exhibitors and sponsors and also supports networking and tailored connections for third party solutions.

Our features

Platform gCon

  • Networking
  • Technical support
  • Exhibition booths
  • ePosters
  • Statistics
  • Programme
  • Break out rooms
  • Engagement features
  • Remote speakers
  • Platform integration


Set up rooms where your attendees can meet their colleagues and other participants. Give them the opportunity to connect and share their work experience through chats, break rooms and other features.

Technical support

Enjoy your event without stress. Our help desk is online for all attendees. They can answer any of your questions and provide the right solution before and throughout the entire event.

Exhibition booths

Allow your partners the possibility to be in contact with their potential clients. They can engage each other through live chats or simply display their brochures, videos and other materials. Create fully customizable 3D stands.

  • Banners
  • Symposiums
  • Branded Sponsor Booth
  • Sponsor Level Listings


Authors and speakers can present their abstracts or ideas with groups. In gallery view mode.


Displays real-time statistical information about the event. They can calculate the ratio of different kinds of presentations, how they present their presentations in advance, how many are already submitted and so on. This certainly interesting data can also be displayed on a participant's personal page or in the mobile application.


This feature clearly displays the entire event program on the event website and also in the mobile application.

Break out rooms

In all but the smallest meetings, it can be hard to have open discussions and meaningful exchange of ideas. With breakout rooms, people gather in small groups for lively conversation and brainstorming sessions.

In gCon is possible to have an unlimited number of break-out rooms. In each room can be a maximum of 25 participants.

Engagement features

We have a spectrum of live engagement tools that will keep your attendees interacting:

  • Live Chats
  • Questions & Answers
  • Live Polls and Surveys
  • Event Gamifications

Remote speakers

  • An easy and intuitive interface for video and audio sharing
  • Start sharing presentations online by the chair
  • Possible to integrate images from webcams into the presentation area
  •  Two-way communication from the hall with the chair or audience

Platform integration

Connect the gCon platform with other world-known providers and applications such as ZOOM, Webex, Social Wall, Kudoboard, Election Buddy and more.

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