Case study

I. Virtual symposium SRR

Client: Slovak Resuscitation Council


The Slovak Resuscitation Council (SRR) is a voluntary professional association that brings together experts in the field of emergency resuscitation and emergency medicine.

In 2021, the European Resuscitation Council issued a new guideline. These new procedures are issued by the ERC every five years, so it was necessary for the professional public to become acquainted with them this year. Due to the current epidemiological situation, the SRR decided on a virtual format of the event. Our team had 3 months to prepare.

Set goals:

  • Translate the executive summary into the mother tongue and acquaint the professional public with the changes in a simple and concise form and mainly in the Slovak language
  • To provide attractive and professional content to the community of doctors, in which important experts from the Slovak Republic and the Czech Republic participate
  • Choose a user-friendly platform for the virtual action


As a first step, our project team decided to move the director from Prague to Bratislava. Thanks to this, the speakers could broadcast directly from the studio in Slovakia or online from the comfort of home, which was more convenient for them and for us.

For the event, we used a platform from CISCA – Webex, which responded perfectly to the requirements of the symposium. We adapted the environment to the program, which we divided into 5 blocks with 16 lectures and a final panel discussion.

To increase the interaction, the following functions were used for the participants:

  • Q&A (communication between participants and speakers)
  • Attractive presentation in the form of live sessions
  • Panel discussion

We paid attention to the branding and marketing of the event. Participants were regularly informed about the upcoming event in the form of newsletters and contributions on the social networks Instagram and Facebook.


The I. Virtual Symposium was attended by 263 participants, which exceeded the original plan by 100%. This means that this format attracted more participants than could come to a standard live event.

Video recordings are provided to participants even after the event, and will also be part of the membership zone for SRR members.

Part of the congress was a virtual exhibition, which was quite large at this event. A total of 16 exhibitors took part in it with an interesting solution of their virtual stands.

+100% Increase in the number of registers against the plan on physical meeting.


Registered participants
Hours of streaming